LTL Shipping

Typical LTL (less than truckload) shipments,
measure along these lines

  • 6 standard size skid spots
  • 12 linear feet of truck
  • 10,000 lbs total weight

Got a less than truckload (LTL) shipment to make? Choosing the right company to handle your LTL freight shipping needs can be difficult to figure out by yourself, simply because there are so many choices. There are many carriers, pricing options and services to decide between when it comes to LTL shipping, and it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best service for the best price unless you do hours of research. The good news is that Prestige Worldwide Logistics can save you time and get you the best ltl freight services for your money.

We regularly handle less than truckload logistics for a wide variety of customers, drawing on years of good working relationships with some of the best local, regional and national LTL carriers in North America. We can help you with the usual dock-to-dock Less Than Truckload Shipping as well as offer more specialized services, including tradeshow shipping, hazmat freight, guaranteed delivery, residential, liftgate, notify prior to delivery situations, and whatever else you may need to ensure that the specific requirements of your LTL shipment are met.

Because we are partnered with DLS Worldwide, we are able to manage your entire shipping process on one transportation management system. You’ll have access to a platform where you can check your quotes, track your shipments, schedule new shipments, and basically oversee the entire LTL freight shipping process from initial quote to delivery at the destination with just a few clicks.

Trust PWL for your LTL logistics and see how easy it can be to arrange reliable less than truckload shipping!


Why choose PWL? Simple...

  •   1. High buying power → High freight discount → HAPPY REPEAT CUSTOMERS
  •   2. Access free, unlimited quotes online. 24/7/365
  •   3. Manage your quotes, bookings and tracking for all carriers on one platform
  •   4. Small, medium, and large companies supported
  •   5. Experienced direct customer support
  •   6. Ship to or from anywhere in the continental USA & Canada
  •   7. Long-standing relationships with 90+ LTL regional and national carriers

Your one-stop shop for LTL Shipping Services

Shippers  spend $30-$100 billion per year on Less Than Truckload freight shipping. LTL plays a huge role in our nation’s supply chain which is why it’s crucial to pick the right network of carriers who can cut cost and exceed in customer service. With the evolution of technology, logistic companies have proven to be a value to shippers and carriers. Shippers are finding value in trusting recognized 3pl’s to do freight analysis to lower their overall annual freight spend. Rather than establishing LTL contracts with carriers directly or having multiple brokers, best practices suggest building collaboration around a nucleus of trust. That trust is made possible through transparency and mutual knowledge of each other’s operational network compatibility.

Service levels

When handling multiple orders daily, a transportation management software (TMS) to manage your operation is crucial. A successful TMS will allow you to quote, book, track & manage invoices in one portal. This is offered, free of charge, to our clients. Learn more from our technology page.

Negotiated Rating

Common LTL carriers use a very complex rating system. A pricing model that includes multiple variables; rigid classes, freight all kind (FAK), fixed discounts, Czarlite Pricing etc. Our job is to simplify it! Upon final negotiations, your online system will be preloaded with negotiated rates so it will be click n pick!!

Insurance/release valuation

For shippers in the LTL market, new technology, processes and management techniques are providing the infrastructure to support business focus more on their business and less on their shipping by trusting in a 3pl to be their outsourced logistics department.

Research and experience demonstrates that doing an annual freight spend analysis may save time and money making your organization more efficient and profitable.

To start this process, the shipper needs to provide a Request For Pricing (RFQ) with a history of 1 year, minimum 3 months of LTL shipments. Upon receiving the RFQ, our team will determine the cost factors to build into the negotiations.