Intermodal Rail Shipping

  • Looking for a door to door cost effective alternative for your long haul ?
  • Can I fill an entire 53 semi-truck trailer or intermodal container?
  • Is my shipment under 42,000 lbs ?
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Intermodal transport means shipping freight using more than one mode of transportation, and it has become a popular means of freight transport because it’s faster, “greener” and more cost-effective when it comes to fuel than truckload shipping. PWL is pleased to offer intermodal rail shipping services as part of our comprehensive freight shipping solutions.


Because we have access to over 100,000 vans and containers and we’ve formed strategic partnerships with rail partners throughout North America, PWL is able to offer many intermodal rail freight options to meet your needs all across the U.S. and Canada. What’s more, our proprietary technology gives you visibility into your shipment at all phases of the shipping process. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having all the information you need about the status of your intermodal shipment from start to delivery.


Intermodal rail freight shipping is considered a smart alternative when compared to over-the-road truckload freight shipping, because it can save you as much as 400% on fuel costs. PWL’s intermodal freight transportation services give you a way to ship that’s cleaner, greener and better for your bottom line! Contact us today for a quote on our intermodal rail logistics or any of our other freight transportation services.