PWL – Simple, Powerful Online Tools You Will Actually Use

We have pre-qualified our network of over 20,000 carriers so you can be 100% confident in every shipment. To match that vast network, we built an online platform to make the power of that carrier base accessible to every client. PWL is the online tool to access, manage, and optimize shipments using the largest centralized network regardless of shipment size or custom requirement. We specifically built PWL be the simplest way to manage, monitor, and optimize your logistics.

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The Benefits of PWL

Simplified quotation

  • Customizable user interface
  • Self-serve LTL platform
  • Freight posting to our closed network of pre-qualified carriers
  • Automated rules
  • Option to give priority to your preferred carriers
  • Dock scheduling
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Status update notifications

Valuable Optimization

  • Optimization engine to match the right carrier with the right load
  • Boosted back-office efficiency
  • Immediate 10-30% reduction in cost, on average

Powerful monitoring

  • Simple, configurable charts and graphs
  • Easily Track Your Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • pwl-benefits-section
  • Lane analysis
  • Volume trends
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per ton
  • Financial reporting
  • Trend analysis
  • Visibility into supply chain regardless of stage and location

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