14 Jun
What is LTL?

LTL | Less Than Truckload Transportation

A shipment that does not require a full 48- or 53-foot trailer can be shipped via Less Than Truckload, or LTL. Shippers use this option, which can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly, when they only need to ship a small amount of product. In short, LTL is a great fit for 1-6 skids, up to 12 linear feet of truck space and weights under 10,000 pounds.

LTL Less Than Truckload | LTL[/caption]

PWL Makes it Simple

Prestige Worldwide Logistics (PWL) simplifies this choice for its customers—we are a one-stop shop. PWL is a full-service transportation and logistics provider that can arrange transportation for any type and size of product.

PWL allows its customers to request instant online LTL rate quotes, allowing them to choose the best carrier & pricing for the job, generate their own BOLs (Bill of Lading), utilize a centralized tracking dashboard and a full EDI integration setup.

Our knowledgeable representatives work directly with shippers to find the most efficient way to transport product without sacrificing speed & service. PWL closely tracks each shipment to make sure it is handled from pickup to delivery and every point in between—No Exceptions.

LTL Rates

Since LTL freight can vary, the cost of shipment will fluctuate as a result. Rates are typically determined by class, weight, pickup and destination location. If the delivery service has to accommodate any additional needs, extra fees will likely be added on. Fuel expenses also factor into delivery costs, especially if the distance between the pick up location and the lane – the end destination – is vast.

Rising fuel costs may have indirectly led to an increase in LTL deliveries in recent years. Although the economy is recovering modestly, consumers have bought less over the past few years, which has led to a decrease in the need for full-size shipments. LTL became a popular method of moving products because companies no longer needed to fill 48- or 53-foot trailers with products; rather, they could take the cheaper route in LTL because only half as much trailer space was needed, Access America Transport suggests. Companies save time and money utilizing LTL shipments on a more regular basis.

PWL helps its customers navigate the plethora of carrier options and complex rate tariff negotiations, funneling all contracts into a user friendly TMS system. PWL customers no longer need to deal with calling or emailing multiple carriers, it is all done for them in a easy online system.

LTL Carriers & Equipment

LTL Carriers are categorized as either regional or national. These carriers have hubs throughout the zone they service, which increases the availability when comparing to FTL. Generally an LTL hub will service up to a 250 mile radius. Occasionally, to service those out of zone areas, they interline with partner carriers to create efficiency, which lowers the customers overall cost.

LTL equipment options are the same as full truckload: dry or temperature-controlled, roll or swing doors. Depending on the number of stops, LTL carriers may use two pup trailers (28 feet each) hauled in tandem or a regular-sized trailer (53 feet). For local runs, carriers typically use day cab trucks to allow for more product weight.

LTL Packaging

The types of packaging used in LTL vary due to the amount that they are moved, with the exception being short-distance deliveries. Carriers require that products be packaged in parcels that meet the U.S. Department of Transportation’s standards. Since LTL carriers often mix multiple containers together for transport, it is paramount that packaging is adequate. Shipments must be well secured, otherwise the product and those surrounding it are susceptible to damage.

The PWL Difference

With such a variety of carriers, services, and pricing options to choose from, the LTL logistics space can be tricky to navigate on your own. By trusting PWL to handle these services on your behalf, you are trusting a company backed by years of solid relationships with the best local, regional, and national LTL carriers. Even when transportation needs exceed typical dock-to-dock shipping, PWL offers rates for specialized services including hazmat, trade show, residential, lift-gate, guaranteed delivery, notify prior to delivery and more. Partnered with DLS Worldwide, PWL offers a state of the art Transportation Management System (TMS)(Mercury Gate) to streamline the shipping process on one platform. With a few clicks, you can browse rates, schedule shipments, and oversee the entire process, from comparing initial quotes to ensuring final delivery.

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