30 Aug
Intermodal Transportation: 4 Advantages of Rail Shipping

What is intermodal transportation? As the two root parts of “intermodal” (“inter” and “mode”) suggest, the shipping refers to combining transportation methods. Transferring goods by...

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25 Aug
5 Skills to Cultivate for Effective Logistics

Our world is becoming progressively more technology-driven, no doubt about it. From smartphones taking over the cellphone market to Tesla’s self-driving cars, the future is...

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22 Aug
Don’t Throw Away Money on These Freight

If you think parcel shipment companies like UPS and FedEx have you and/or your company’s best interests at heart, think again. Regardless of how much...

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14 Aug
Difference Between LTL Shipping and Full Truckload

We at Prestige always recommend hiring a third party logistics (3PL) broker to handle your company’s shipping needs for myriad reasons. However, we understand there...

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31 Jul
Are Freight Management Services Worth It?

Many logistics companies spend most of our advertising budget competing with other brokers and carriers. When it come to freight management services, this is misplaced...

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